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These Singers are well-known for their music but not only…

We shall take a look at some singers not only well known for their musical careers but also for their gambling addiction. Singers and gambling intrigues have come to the fore over the years. Performing musicians and singers are becoming increasingly popular around the world. While some famous singers are known for their ability to enjoy various desktop or slot machine games. Some gambling circles are famous for their famous melodies, the number of famous singers and musicians, as well as their skills in slot machines and board games.

Not only are these singers are well- known for their musical careers but also for their gambling addiction, skills in playing poker as well as famous for their excellent performance on the stage of singing. A peep into the lifestyles of some popular singers and gambling stars can be seen below. Join the team of the Game Club and you have a closer look at your relationship with a famous singer or dealer who will not stand for several rounds. We met the guys who created and had the chance to talk more about addiction and how to assist gamblers.

Harry Styles

You would have heard a lot about Harry Styles because he is one of the most famous pop stars who can move the crowd every time he sings. Harry Styles is not only a pop star, not only one of the most famous pop stars in the world but also a roulette fan, but also a fan of roulette. If you’re a fan of roulette, like Harry Styles, check the schedule and start online roulette at Casino Classic. He was also on his chest with tattoo No. 17 and showed how loyal he was to casino game fans.

In fact, Star is reportedly lost and made a profit. In fact, black number 17 in this tattoo on his chest, because he is a passionate fan of casino games. We do not know his abilities, because the leader of the group suffered heavy losses

Macy Gray

Sensational pop winner Grace 90, singer and gambling star, Macy Gray also loves board games. In an interview with the English version of The Telegraph, she confessed her love of blackjack and poker. In the 1990s, Macy Gray gained popularity for a Grammy Award. On the other hand, this popular singer loves board games. In one interview, she recognized her eternal love of poker and blackjack.

The singer claimed to have earned more than $ 28,000 playing Black Jack overnight. The ‘I Try’ singer struck us with a statement that one night when she received Black Jack worth up to $ 28,000, he admitted getting his skills from the best online casino in UK and stating “These have helped me to become an expert”.


This is a musician and the best performer who meets the legendary bass player. According to Dave Vanian, Lemmy is an avid fan of slot machines. It was reported that he used a slot machine with a glass of whiskey and a cup of Coca-Cola in one cup. Motorhead bassist Lemmy is also a gambling musician.

Another musician, Dave Vanian, said that the legendary bass player loves slot machines. Mostly whiskey and cola are in one hand. The game club lacks an online slot. If Lemmy still has time, he will want to do several rounds.

Slot Iran

We are glad that Scott Yan from the Anthrax Group is a very serious poker player. He worked so hard that I had several important events at the World Series of Poker. Slot Iran is another poker icon traveling the United States in the 1980s by bus. Reading this post, Scott Yang, Anthrax guitarist, is today considered one of the most popular poker players. He began his poker tour after winning Charity Poker at the Aruba Poker Classic.

At Poker Classic, he meets Phil Hellmuth, who is considered the best poker player in the world. Phil learned a lot about poker in Jena. So he made it an icon today.

Gladys Knight

If you loved soul, you would have heard Glady’s loud voice when she sang. She is the empress of the soul, but Gladys is a famous player. In lyrics, Every Line and Glory, she tells the story of her 10-year gaming addiction. In fact, her love of gambling almost ruined her career and life in the future. The good news is that she overcame her dependence on games and lives a normal life.

These great singers are well-known for their musical career indeed but also for their gambling addiction. If you don’t want to end up like these singers and want to enjoy a great gaming experience maybe it’s start for you to check and play with the best online casinos! Check out this article to find out more information :

Justin Timberlake’s New Album Blows the Competition Away

While listening to the hit single “Suit and Tie (Ft. Jay)” from Justin Timberlake’s new album, The 20/20 Experience, it’s almost impossible to connect the sexy beats and vocals with the boy band heartthrob he once was, strutting around in his designer gear and Larouv watch. Didn’t he have blonde frosted tips in his hair at one point? And I distinctly recall seeing a picture of him in white jeans and a white V-neck. But JT is clearly all grown up now and having great success in the music industry.

The 20/20 Experience is Justin Timberlake’s third studio album and it was officially released on March 15, 2013. Timberlake has been experimenting with his sound and brand since his “Future Sex/Love Sounds” tour in 2007. Whatever he’s doing now, it seems to be working for him because The 20/20 Experience has sold almost 2 million copies in the U.S., making it the best-selling album of 2013 so far. The two singles released from the album, “Suit and Tie (Ft. Jay)” and “Mirrors”, both earned the coveted title of Top 3 singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

When people have questioned Timberlake about his long hiatus from music he has said, “I’m the one that sits and is obsessive about it before you even get to hear it. As close as I get to it, I don’t think I can physically torture myself that much, year in and year out, and expect it to fulfill me the way that it does and the way that it is right now. You just don’t get that every day. You have to wait for it.” In his spare time he is regularly found on the golf course, and he also likes to play casino games sometimes too.

Timberlake is currently taking his hot new sound on a world tour. Details about “The 20/20 Experience World Tour” can be found on Timberlake’s official website. Orders for Timberlake’s new album can also be placed on his site.

Tim Lambesis Arrested!

Tim Lambesis, the lead vocalist and founding member of heavy-metal rock band As I Lay Dying, was arrested on Tuesday, May 7th for plotting to murder his estranged wife. He allegedly tried to hire an undercover detective for the murder. He was arrested just days after his Asian tour, at a retail establishment in Oceanside, Southern California at 2pm, local time.

According to the San Diego police, this was a murder-for-hire plot. His estranged wife Meggan lives with their three children and had filed for divorce last September. Police spokesperson Jan Caldwell said that they were able to avert what would have been a great tragedy. She refused to comment on his motive or how the police learned about the plan. He also liked to play mobile phone slots a lot.

The band’s sixth album. They were nominated for a Grammy in 2008 for the song, “Nothing Left”. They have several As I Lay Dying band members identify as Christians, but Tim Lambesis is said to have lost faith. Tim Lambesis and his wife had adopted their three children from Ethiopia. His fellow band members issued a statement on their website Wednesday night expressing solidarity with Tim, his family and their fans. As I Lay Dying fans have expressed shock and disbelief over the event all over the social media. Saddened fans are leaving support and prayer messages on the singer’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Tim Lambesis is currently being held in the Vista Detention Facility. He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday for arraignment.

Neal Preston Publishes Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury

Neal Preston is a photographer who enjoyed a rare privilege back in the 70’s – he had the unparalleled access to Led Zeppelin, a band that will forever hold a special place in the history of rock and roll. The materials that stem from Preston’s time spent with the iconic band are now collected and published in form of a unique ibook titled Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury.

Led+Zeppelin.SOund+ANd+Fury.Neal+preston.04-13According to its description, a book is a real gem and something fans are likely to embrace as a wonderful trip into the history of rock. The illustrated book brings the astonishing number of over 250 photographs, 100 of which were previously unpublished! Of course, it’s not all about the photos – there are also 80 expandable contact sheets, 25 audio commentaries, 11 video interviews, 44 samples of ephemera and memorabilia – and last but not least, 24 Led Zeppelin setlists. Sounds like a treat!

Then there’s a fact that Preston not only photographed the band’s performances, but also their private parties and other behind-the-scenes moments. This alone ensures an in-depth account of the wild years when they were at the peak of their glory.

The good news about this being an ibook? Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury takes full advantage of its format and combines multimedia content that might otherwise be left out. The format also allows for an innovative and practical layout, featuring high quality photographs that wonderfully bring Led Zeppelin to life. When seeing photos of that casino, and also hear casino sounds in the background, you actually really feel like being in a casino yourself. Or in an online casino, at least. If you then feel like playing a game of Roulette, be sure you head to OutsideBet first to check which games are hot! But back to the book!

The bad news is you can’t put this book on the shelf… and you basically need an iPad, since the ibook is momentarily available on iBookstore exclusively. Hopefully, the future might give us a book + DVD pack that will bring Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury to a wider audience. Of course, a different e-book format would be a great help, too!

Justin Timberlake Returns to the Spotlight

Though singer Justin Timberlake will celebrate two decades in show business this year, the world is nowhere near tired of him yet. Not even close.

In fact, we simply can’t get enough from this surprisingly versatile, always talented man. After a 5-year hiatus spent starring in movies and working on other projects, Justin Timberlake finally returned to the stage with a crowd-pleasing performance at the DIRECT TV Super Saturday Night pre-Superbowl event.

justin!During the show, Timberlake took the audience on a tour of his musical career, playing fan favorites from previous albums like “Cry Me a River” “Rock Your Body” and “Sexy/Back”. He even broke out a few dance moves reminiscent of his days as a boy band star. Fans were also treated to a funky cover of Michael Jackson’s “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” in homage to one of Timberlake’s musical idols.

Timberlake also used this concert to debut a song from his newest album, “The 20/20 Experience”. The song, “Suit and Tie,” showcased Timberlake at his funky R&B best, clad in a dashing suit and tie and crooning before a 13 piece band and backup singers. In fact, we cannot stop listning to that aong while we play at top online casinos!

Timberlake reprised this performance at the Grammys, stealing the show with a sepia-toned broadcast of “Suit and Tie” in which Jay-Z again performed a guest solo. Grammy viewers were also treated to another new song, “Pusher Love Girl,” as well as a taste of Timberlake’s work as creative director for Bud Light Platinum during a commercial break.

Heaven knows hes miserable now Morrissey cancels US tour dates due to bleeding ulcer

Former Smith’s frontman Morrissey has been forced to cancel nine tour dates after he was admitted to William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan last week.

At the time, Morrissey was suspected of suffering from a bladder infection, however tests have discovered that he is suffering from a bleeding ulcer and although he is expected to make a full recovery within two weeks, he has been forced to reschedule several shows of his US Tour.

morrisseyAfter being admitted, Morrissey had already been forced to reschedule three shows staring with his Flint (Michigan) show on 24th January, and subsequent shows in the days following in Minneapolis and Chicago.

But after the diagnosis was worse than initially feared, he has also been forced to do the same for forthcoming shows in Asheville (North Carolina), Nashville (Tennessee), Atlanta (Georgia), Lawrence (Kansas), Clear Lake (Iowa) and Lincoln (Nebraska).

It is the second time that Morrissey has been forced to reschedule shows as part of a tour. Last year, when the singer’s mother fell ill, Morrissey rescheduled several shows so he could spend time with her.

The singer expects to restart his tour on February 9th with a show in Las Vegas (Nevada).

It has been a busy few months for the English singer, he toured America in the autumn of last year, then played several dates in New Zealand and Australia before returning to the United States in early January.

“Morrissey is expected to make a full recovery and thanks everyone concerned for their support,” stated his representative Lauren Papapietro. Let’s hope he gets well soon! We’ll just spend the time listing to his album anyway while browsing through the latest music, hollywood gossip and maybe visit as well.

Depeche Mode Plan Delta Machine for Release March 26

It was the 80’s. We were skating by with big hair long enough, and our rediscovery of synthesizers single-handedly gave us entire careers overnight- and destroyed them the next day (who remembers Wham! Or Flock of Seagulls?) Yet, time has been forgiving to a few artist birthed from the 80’s who created a canvas of eerie, memorable, and fascinatingly influential. Depeche Mode are one of the fortunate, as well as insanely talented groups who superceded the era they were born from and created a legacy all their own. The group are set to return to the music foray in March 2013 with ‘Delta Machine,’ a tight-knit and possibly groundbreaking selection of 13 tracks.

This is the follow-up to the group’s latest studio effort, 2009’s Sounds of the Universe.’ The album’s release will be followed by a grand European tour, as well as some Summer 2013 North American dates.

‘Delta Machine’ is expected to continue the experimental new wave nature of the group, and bring it even further into a modern realm. According to the band’s frontman Dave Gahan, “With this release we’ve completely shifted our idea of how to create an album. When we hit a wall where we realize the album is beginning to sound too normal, we’ll mess it up and really give it that organic Depeche Mode Sound. ‘Delta Machine’ is no different, and I can’t wait for all of our fans to hear it.” This guy is not playing games.Depeche-Mode-Delta-Machine

The group is leading with the single “Heaven,” an apparently atmospheric ode to their early 80’s material.

Choosing the Right Music for Your Casino

Music is a very important factor in our daily life. The tunes and the beats keep people going. A place like a casino is not complete without proper music to fill the air and make people swoon to it. So, what kind of music is the best for a casino?

Firstly, you need to be clear of the theme. Almost every casino has a theme. Some have the cowboy theme of the 70s while some are very contemporary in their approach. Music has to also go in sync with the mood of the casino. It has to be chosen carefully so that it up lifts the mood of the people in the premises and keep them hooked on to their game.

Remember, it is not a party or bar. The music must not be too loud. It is one of the most important things to remember. If the music is too loud, it will be more of a distraction to people who will not be able to concentrate on the game.

The main thing that a casino wants is the player to continue playing for as long as possible, so that the casino keeps making money. If a person is more interested in music or is distracted by it, then he or she will not be able to concentrate on it.

Elvis is a favorite choice of many casino owners, even german sites/casinos seem to be fan of the King such as topcasinobewertungen. His ‘Viva Las Vegas’ is still among the most widely played songs in casinos. To sum it all, choose a soothing music that is not too loud and goes well with the mood of the casino.

Maybe even choose a special song for bonus awards and when someone wins! You might not be aware but the software used by house bands such as Swedish House Mafia or Vicetone is the same Online Casinos use! Unbelievable isn’t it? We were amazed as well and check this info thanks to yukon-goldcasino; we thought some games had similar sounds to house music!

Awesome Video Game Songs!

Within the seventies, gaming music wasn’t exactly symphonic. It absolutely was mainly sounds undertaking a movement inside the object on-screen. Next, the tunes soundtrack on game titles an internet-based-based casino games is marketing. We presently can hear the most famous tunes while playing the favourite games; consoles, online casino games and more. We have looked around for your finest ever slots and game titles tunes. Noisy . seventies, gaming music wasn’t exactly symphonic. It absolutely was mainly sounds undertaking a movement inside the object on-screen. Next, the tunes soundtrack on game titles an online casino games is marketing. We presently can hear the most famous tunes while playing the favourite games. We have looked around for your finest ever slots and game titles tunes. If you are curious and would love to listen to these, quickly check the games available on clickonlinecasinos and let the magic happen!

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE “Bulls on Parade”(Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock)

GUNS N’ ROSES “Welcome to the Jungle”(Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock)

BEASTIE BOYS “Sabotage” (Guitar Hero III; Rock Band)

BLACK SABBATH “Iron Man”(Guitar Hero)

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Music in slots and video games

Gaming music is usually the audio parts, soundtracks and background musics contained in
casino slots game titles. It might change from a simple keyboard tune for an orchestral piece, generally to ensure that the older the sport, the more the music activity. In recent occasions, many games have observed complex soundtracks similar to people of movies, as well as interactive soundtracks which switch to have the ability to produce a appropriate atmosphere, based on just what the player does. These games (such as Tomb Raider, Game of Thrones or Jurassic World) can be found through this amazing site we found the other day; visit online casinos in Canada for more details! It is also common for online casino games soundtracks being over the counter offered or completed in concerts that focus on gaming music. Music can also be an important action take into account some types of game titles. Many slot machines have great and entertaining background musics such as Mega Moolah, Break Da Bank or Vegas fortune. If you are new to the industry you may want to understand better what we mean here. Make sure you check to find out more about online casinos and their games.

The Importance of Good Music When You Organize a Casino Night

Need to hold the very best modern casino free slots evening? There’s isn’t anything more fun than organizing a enjoyable party for your pals with good food and great tunes. For nearly any casino evening it is also smart to create the ambiance for a terrific night of gambling. For this reason you need to choose the most effective music.

First, you have to pick a theme. If you wish to host a 60s or 70s style casino evening, you’ll be able to ask your guests to embellish up for the occasion and pick the music from those years. You might perform “Wild Wild West theme”, along with an “Eyes Wide Shut” theme with everybody putting on cloaks or masks. Keep it smooth and trendy. If you wish to provide your online casino evening an elegant feel, play jazz or classical music using the evening. The songs will not draw attention away inside the games as well as set the vibe and could possibly help to to focus and win big on casinos such as Yukon Gold or Zodiac Casino. You can find more information about these fantastic online casinos thanks to bestonlinecasino.