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These Singers are well-known for their music but not only…

We shall take a look at some singers not only well known for their musical careers but also for their gambling addiction. Singers and gambling intrigues have come to the fore over the years. Performing musicians and singers are becoming increasingly popular around the world. While some famous singers are known for their ability to enjoy various desktop or slot machine games. Some gambling circles are famous for their famous melodies, the number of famous singers and musicians, as well as their skills in slot machines and board games.

Not only are these singers are well- known for their musical careers but also for their gambling addiction, skills in playing poker as well as famous for their excellent performance on the stage of singing. A peep into the lifestyles of some popular singers and gambling stars can be seen below. Join the team of the Game Club and you have a closer look at your relationship with a famous singer or dealer who will not stand for several rounds. We met the guys who created and had the chance to talk more about addiction and how to assist gamblers.

Harry Styles

You would have heard a lot about Harry Styles because he is one of the most famous pop stars who can move the crowd every time he sings. Harry Styles is not only a pop star, not only one of the most famous pop stars in the world but also a roulette fan, but also a fan of roulette. If you’re a fan of roulette, like Harry Styles, check the schedule and start online roulette at Casino Classic. He was also on his chest with tattoo No. 17 and showed how loyal he was to casino game fans.

In fact, Star is reportedly lost and made a profit. In fact, black number 17 in this tattoo on his chest, because he is a passionate fan of casino games. We do not know his abilities, because the leader of the group suffered heavy losses

Macy Gray

Sensational pop winner Grace 90, singer and gambling star, Macy Gray also loves board games. In an interview with the English version of The Telegraph, she confessed her love of blackjack and poker. In the 1990s, Macy Gray gained popularity for a Grammy Award. On the other hand, this popular singer loves board games. In one interview, she recognized her eternal love of poker and blackjack.

The singer claimed to have earned more than $ 28,000 playing Black Jack overnight. The ‘I Try’ singer struck us with a statement that one night when she received Black Jack worth up to $ 28,000, he admitted getting his skills from the best online casino in UK and stating “These have helped me to become an expert”.


This is a musician and the best performer who meets the legendary bass player. According to Dave Vanian, Lemmy is an avid fan of slot machines. It was reported that he used a slot machine with a glass of whiskey and a cup of Coca-Cola in one cup. Motorhead bassist Lemmy is also a gambling musician.

Another musician, Dave Vanian, said that the legendary bass player loves slot machines. Mostly whiskey and cola are in one hand. The game club lacks an online slot. If Lemmy still has time, he will want to do several rounds.

Slot Iran

We are glad that Scott Yan from the Anthrax Group is a very serious poker player. He worked so hard that I had several important events at the World Series of Poker. Slot Iran is another poker icon traveling the United States in the 1980s by bus. Reading this post, Scott Yang, Anthrax guitarist, is today considered one of the most popular poker players. He began his poker tour after winning Charity Poker at the Aruba Poker Classic.

At Poker Classic, he meets Phil Hellmuth, who is considered the best poker player in the world. Phil learned a lot about poker in Jena. So he made it an icon today.

Gladys Knight

If you loved soul, you would have heard Glady’s loud voice when she sang. She is the empress of the soul, but Gladys is a famous player. In lyrics, Every Line and Glory, she tells the story of her 10-year gaming addiction. In fact, her love of gambling almost ruined her career and life in the future. The good news is that she overcame her dependence on games and lives a normal life.

These great singers are well-known for their musical career indeed but also for their gambling addiction. If you don’t want to end up like these singers and want to enjoy a great gaming experience maybe it’s start for you to check and play with the best online casinos! Check out this article to find out more information :