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Neal Preston Publishes Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury

Neal Preston is a photographer who enjoyed a rare privilege back in the 70’s – he had the unparalleled access to Led Zeppelin, a band that will forever hold a special place in the history of rock and roll. The materials that stem from Preston’s time spent with the iconic band are now collected and published in form of a unique ibook titled Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury.

Led+Zeppelin.SOund+ANd+Fury.Neal+preston.04-13According to its description, a book is a real gem and something fans are likely to embrace as a wonderful trip into the history of rock. The illustrated book brings the astonishing number of over 250 photographs, 100 of which were previously unpublished! Of course, it’s not all about the photos – there are also 80 expandable contact sheets, 25 audio commentaries, 11 video interviews, 44 samples of ephemera and memorabilia – and last but not least, 24 Led Zeppelin setlists. Sounds like a treat!

Then there’s a fact that Preston not only photographed the band’s performances, but also their private parties and other behind-the-scenes moments. This alone ensures an in-depth account of the wild years when they were at the peak of their glory.

The good news about this being an ibook? Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury takes full advantage of its format and combines multimedia content that might otherwise be left out. The format also allows for an innovative and practical layout, featuring high quality photographs that wonderfully bring Led Zeppelin to life. When seeing photos of that casino, and also hear casino sounds in the background, you actually really feel like being in a casino yourself. Or in an online casino, at least. If you then feel like playing a game of Roulette, be sure you head to OutsideBet first to check which games are hot! But back to the book!

The bad news is you can’t put this book on the shelf… and you basically need an iPad, since the ibook is momentarily available on iBookstore exclusively. Hopefully, the future might give us a book + DVD pack that will bring Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury to a wider audience. Of course, a different e-book format would be a great help, too!

Justin Timberlake Returns to the Spotlight

Though singer Justin Timberlake will celebrate two decades in show business this year, the world is nowhere near tired of him yet. Not even close.

In fact, we simply can’t get enough from this surprisingly versatile, always talented man. After a 5-year hiatus spent starring in movies and working on other projects, Justin Timberlake finally returned to the stage with a crowd-pleasing performance at the DIRECT TV Super Saturday Night pre-Superbowl event.

justin!During the show, Timberlake took the audience on a tour of his musical career, playing fan favorites from previous albums like “Cry Me a River” “Rock Your Body” and “Sexy/Back”. He even broke out a few dance moves reminiscent of his days as a boy band star. Fans were also treated to a funky cover of Michael Jackson’s “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” in homage to one of Timberlake’s musical idols.

Timberlake also used this concert to debut a song from his newest album, “The 20/20 Experience”. The song, “Suit and Tie,” showcased Timberlake at his funky R&B best, clad in a dashing suit and tie and crooning before a 13 piece band and backup singers. In fact, we cannot stop listning to that aong while we play at top online casinos!

Timberlake reprised this performance at the Grammys, stealing the show with a sepia-toned broadcast of “Suit and Tie” in which Jay-Z again performed a guest solo. Grammy viewers were also treated to another new song, “Pusher Love Girl,” as well as a taste of Timberlake’s work as creative director for Bud Light Platinum during a commercial break.